Monday, December 17, 2012

Fa la la la la.... Christmas Apartment Tour

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Happy Monday!
It's rainy & cold in Atlanta this morning, perfect for sleeping in. I wish Christmas break existed in the corporate world :(  
The BF and I spent this past weekend in Columbia SC for one of his fraternity brother's wedding.  It was a blast, probably too much fun!  We attended the Rehearsal After Party on Friday night, lots 0f dancing and champagne - there was an Elton John cover band, so much fun!  Saturday the girls did lunch and pedicures while the boys played golf.  Then we attended the ceremony and reception.  The reception was at the Columbia Museum of Art (very pretty space), another night of too much fun and going to bed way past my bedtime.  I am exhausted this morning! But luckily this is the last week before Christmas and then I'll have 12 straight days off from work - woo hoo!!
It's time for this year's apartment Christmas tour!
The other week, the BF and I picked up a Christmas tree from our local Pike Nursery.  This tree is about 7 feet tall and cost $29.99.  Pretty good deal! 
We decorated the tree in white lights with a burlap stripe tree skirt.  The ornaments are a combination of my childhood ornaments and ornaments the BF and I have collected.  So far we have one from: Kiawah Island, Charleston, Tybee Island, and Goats on a Roof :)
Ziggy our zebra got a Santa hat.  And we're using the tv stand as our mantle.  You might notice we only have one stocking, we still need to buy the BF one ;)

My parents gave me the snowman and Santa. And the rocking horse was made by my Mom's friend's father, I've had it for probably 15 years and love decorating with it at Christmas.
I am slowly starting a collection of Nutcrackers.  The 2 on the left came from my parents and the 1 on the right came from my brother.

Our front door!
I made this coffee filter wreath last year.  The BF's aunt made us the twine tree.

Our dining room and kitchen (the view from the front door):
I made reversible placemats several years ago - one side is poinsettias and the other is candy canes.  The table centerpiece is another one of the twine trees and wax pinecones. 

I have Santa plates on display in the kitchen along with some holiday dish towel.  Also, the pantry door has been turned into a Christmas Card display :)

And a few more pictures of our Christmas tree!


Don't you love the "Merry Christmas" sign hanging from the curtains? Julia made that last year before we had a Silhouette Cameo. She hand cut out each letter- DEDICATION!
Now we can make those signs with the press of a button :)
Thanks for touring my apartment! 
I love being at home during the holidays with all the Christmas lights on and the smell of the Christmas tree.  It just makes me happy :)
christmas tree party


Anonymous said...

SO Cute and I LOVE your curtains!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks!! The curtains are just painted white Ikea curtains, I love the impact they make!

Christina said...

you two are so cute! the apartment looks great. :)

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks!! I wish I could leave the decorations up year round ;)

Boswell0617 said...

so cute elizabeth! I have a mild obsession with nutcrackers, they are so much fun to collect.

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

I know! I need to work on growing my collection ;) Happy Holidays!

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