Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gingerbread Houses

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Only 7 sleeps till Christmas!!
Last weekend the family got together for our annual gingerbread house contest (last years's).  We picked up kits from Michael's and then assembled them ourselves.  Lesson learned, read the instructions first!! We were supposed to assemble them the day before decorating so that the frosting would have time to set.  Oops!  Our houses started to shift during the decorating process ;) 
Julia and I worked on one together and obviously it was the best looking house ;) 
The kits this year came with red & green fondant.  It was fun to roll out the fondant and make wreaths, trees, garland, a front door, etc. 
I stocked up on candy from my friend's wedding (she had a candy bar).  We had hershey kisses, sour patch kids, swedish fish, and reese's plus the kit's candy.  

My brother and his wife went all out with a sour patch theme.  They probably win the award for having a story line!
It was fun to be with everyone and see how everyone decorated their houses :)
Does your family have  Christmas tradition?

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Christina said...

Darn it, I just remembered that I was supposed to make a gingerbread house w/ my roommate. There's still time!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

You have plenty of time!! I'm glad I'm not the only "adult" who still decorates gingerbread houses ;)

Theresa said...

Not sure if I'll be making gingerbread houses this year, but it is always fun & yours turned out great.

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