Monday, May 19, 2014

Signing off...

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Hi Southern Color readers! 
We wanted to update you on our plans for the blog.  Over the past few years we have really enjoyed sharing our lives with you and our projects.  DIY is a true passion of ours and something we will always be doing & loving.  However, we have made the decision to step away from blogging.  Blogging is a true labor of love, it takes a lot of work to create our projects, photograph them, type up the tutorials and share them on social media.   We are choosing to focus more on our everyday lives, family and friends. 
We appreciate you following along in our blogging journey.  And who knows, we might be back.  If anything, please keep following our Instragram page, we will be posting on there regularly.  But I can't promise it will be DIY ~ we've kind of become obsessed with our pups ;)

Southern Color is signing off for now...



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