Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY Maxi Skirt

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I am so in love with Maxi dresses and skirts right now!! They are so comfy and versatile - you can be casual or dressy in them!  Thanks to Pinterest I found a great tutorial for making my own Maxi Skirt from Elle Apperal.  Her instructions are great, so I won't try to re-invent them.

What you'll need:
2 yards of stretchy cotton fabric
coordinating cotten thread
elastic thread

Your skirt is basically made from 2 triangles.  The top part is the width of your waist (plus seam allowance) and the bottom is wider by about 10 inches (38-40 inches, plus seam allowance).

The waist band is made out of 2 rectangles, approximately 10 x 15 (depending on the size of your waist).  You want it wide so that it can be folded over like yoga pants.

 If you're like me and have never used Elastic thread before, this is what it looks like.  You'll find it in your fabric store next to all the elastic.

I am so happy with how the skirt turned out!  The fits is great and you can't tell it's homemade. 

Did anyone notice that it just happens to be Clemson orange??!
It'll be the perfect skirt for tailgating season ;-)



Just Jaime said...

Very fun! Looks really comfortable!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks! It was a super easy project to complete. And you're right, so comfy!!

Christina said...

this is adorable! and so cute with a plain white tank!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

thanks! I'm thinking for the fall it would be cute to add a jean jacket to the outfit?! or that might be too much ;-)

Krista S. said...

Thanks for posting! She makes you pay for her tutorial now!!! Or pay $58 for her to make the skirt!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Wow! I didn't realize she was charging for her patterns! I hope this helps you out. I know the instructions are 100% complete, but it's pretty simple. Good luck!

Unknown said...

How tall are you? I'm 5'9, and although that's not super tall, I have a hard time finding skirts in stores that are long enough. I like them to almost skim the ground. Just trying to figure out if I should add length to your skirt, or if I can make it as-is. Thanks for posting this!!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Hi Megan! I am 5'3", so you will definitely need to add on some length. I would suggest measuring yourself from your waist (where the skirt will sit on your hips) to your feet (where you want the skirt to hit) - then add a 1 or 2 inches for seam allowance. Remember, you can always make the skirt shorter but you can't make it longer ;) Thanks for stopping by!

MollyJo said...

Where did you use the elastic thread? Just on the fold over top part... attaching to the skirt body & the seam sides?? Or down the side seams of the skirt as well??
Thanks!! I'm preggo so I am sooo happy I found an easy tutorial for something like this! Can't wait to make it!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks for stopping by! I wish I had done a better tutorial now that the blog post I link to is no longer available :( The elastic thread is just used for the waist band - when you connect it to the skirt. Everything else I used normal thread and a zig zap stitch (this allows the fabric to stretch). Please let me know how your skirt turns out!

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