Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Silhouette Cameo: Valentine's Wreath

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Morning! How is everyone's day? 

Last night I attended Dance 101's Dancer's Stretch class.  This week (Jan 28 - Feb 2) they are doing free classes for all their beginner level classes.  It's a great way to try new classes without spending a ton of money!  We all agreed the stretching class was enjoyable and something we need to do more often.  Our group of girls were probably the least flexible in the entire class (no offense ladies)!  People were doing splits and wrapping their legs above their heads - I'm not quite there yet!  If you live in the Atlanta/Emory area, I highly recommend you try out a class this week!

January is almost over which means Valentine's is right around the corner!  To spruce up my apartment with some festive decorations, I made this "Be Mine" banner on our Silhouette Cameo

I used my coffee filter wreath as the base and then strung the banner across it.  Plus I added a few random hearts.  

This project didn't take long to create, but I love the look!

Do you decorate for all holidays throughout the year? 

Now that Julia and I have our Silhouette Cameo, making personalized banners is so simple!  It literally takes minutes to create and then print, plus you get a free shape each Tuesday and they're usually season apropriate.  If you're thinking about buying a Cameo, do it!

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Christina said...

so cute. and now i want cake!

Unknown said...

Super cute!! Gotta start making some wreaths!


Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks!! The wreath kind of looks like a face smiling at me, but I like it ;)

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks! I really want to make a deco mesh wreath, I would like one that I can use throughout the year :)

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