Monday, January 28, 2013

Aubusson Blue Dresser Makeover

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We finally completed our first furniture makeover using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!!! I know, I know....we're a little behind.  Chalk paint has been around for quite a while but we've never had a good reason to use it.  Plus it's kinda expensive so we've been waiting for the perfect project!  

Right now, we are helping our parents make over their basement and two pieces are in need of some TLC.  The dresser below and another dresser.  The one below is located in the poker area and the other dresser is located in the family room and has the tv on top of it.  So we decided these two pieces would look good if we painted them the same color which justified the cost of the chalk paint.  If you've never used chalk paint's great!  No prep is needed and a quart of paint covers several pieces of furniture. 
Here is the piece before:

One of the first things we did was remove the drawer pulls and fill in the screw holes on the doors.    We didn't have to fill in the holes on the drawers since our new pulls would use the same hole.
Next we taped off the inside of the cabinet.  We decided not to paint this part.
Then we started painting!!  We used Aubusson Blue ASCP for this makeover.
The piece needed two coats of paint and used about half the quart of ASCP.  Actually it probably used less paint - before we started painting I accidentally knocked over the full quart of paint.  We tried to save most of it but some of it ended up in the trash :(
*No dogs were harmed in this makeover.  

We used Annie Sloan Soft Clear Wax next. Wipe this stuff all over the entire piece - this can get a little messy!

Once the was is dry sand the edges of the piece (if you want a distressed look).  To give it a natural distressed look only sand the corners and edges.

Now you're ready for another coat of wax.  This time use the dark wax.  Wipe this stuff all over the piece.  If you make a section too dark use the clear wax to remove some of the dark wax (it kind of acts like an eraser). 

For the drawer pulls we decided to reuse some old gold ones we had.  We just spray painted them with Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze to give them an updated look.  Once they're dry attach them to your dresser!

You're all done!!

We are so happy with how the piece turned out!! It's a great addition to the basement!


Since this was our first time using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint we thought we would let you know what we thought of it.  I liked it but I'm not 100% sold on it yet.  I still don't think I can justify the added cost of ASCP.  It's about twice as much as regular paint and it didn't save me that much time.  With that said though I still want to experiment ASCP - who knows maybe I'm not using right.  I mean...everyone else loves it so I feel like it deserves a second chance :)

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Melissa said...

Love the dresser! I took a class on ASCP and they had us distress/sand before we put on the first coat of wax....would save time and the added cost of the wax. Just a suggestion. I am with you in being a late adopter. It is so easy to just buy paint at Lowe's. I wish I loved it more than I do because the look is awesome!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...
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Julia@SouthernColor said...

Yeah, I definitely need to take an ASCP class! The only one I know of near me is a little pricey though :( Thanks for stopping by!!

Unknown said...

Your piece turned out so beautiful. I love the color and you did a great job putting it on. I'm willing to overlook the price because it is so easy to use and always has a great turn out. : )

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