Friday, January 25, 2013

High Five for Friday

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This might have happened at book club last night!

**  Keep in mind there were 11 of us, but I guess we shouldn't count the pregnant one...hmmm!  **
What we've been reading lately:
Augusten Burroughs You Better Not Cry
4.  Silver Linings Playbook - February's Book Club book

The Silver Linings Playbook

5.  Beautiful Creatures - on our list of books to read

Happy Friday!
Atlanta is freezing cold today (30 degrees), so we'll be in hibernation mode - brr!  We probably should make a trip to the grocery store to stock up on milk & bread ;)


Lisa said...

Thanks for the book suggestions! Adding some of these to my to-read list :)

gayle said...

How was You Better Not Cry? That looks interesting, but I'm kinda judging by its cover. I pretty much always do that. :)

Clicked over from hf4f on FMGD!

Gayle | Grace for Gayle

Clara Schoen said...

I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog! Check it out here -


Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

You Better Not Cry was really funny! As long as you like raunchy Christmas stories ;) It's a bunch a short stories of Augusten's Christmases growing up. Thanks for stopping by!!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

I highly recommend The Book Thief! It's a long book (over 400 pages) but the story is great.

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