Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guestroom Makeover: The Inspiration

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Julia and I are making over a family friend's guestroom, we mentioned it here last week.  Now that you have an idea of the space, we wanted to share with you our inspiration!

The overall theme/style of the guestroom is Cape Cod B&B with a contemporary twist.  Does that make sense?!?!?  Basically we want blue & gray tones with pops of white and a collection of furniture that doesn't match but goes together.


The overall feel and color of the room.
Blues & grays with white bedding.  We also really like the picture mural.

We are doing an iron bed (headboard and footboard).

The walls will be painted a blue or beige and the ceiling will be painted a shade lighter.  We have also thought about possibly painting the reading nook a different color than the other walls, but we're not 100% decided.

There is an off-centered window on the wall where the bed is going.  These are some ideas on how to disguise it.  We think the best solution is a large cornice board that spreads the width of the bed with curtains hanging from it.  This way you won't know where the window starts or ends.

The reading nook will get two chairs and a side table. 
We really like the contemporary lines of these chairs.

The owner is installing hardwood floors in the guestroom, so we will need an area rug.  We are torn between doing a plain beige rug or doing a patterned blue rug.

Here are some fabric ideas.

We need two nightstands and we want them to go together but not necessarily match. 

Can you get an idea of where we're going with this room?

This weekend we will be doing some shopping at Ikea, Pottery Barn Outlet, and Ballard Backroom.  We really need to find a blue quilt so we know what shade of blue to do in the room.


Theresa said...

Just popping in from to see how your week is going. I love the inspiration for your guest room. Don't forget to drop by for the link party! A new one starts tomorrow. Have a great weekend ahead!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

You guys have a great base and ideas! Perfect solution for the window! And I love the concept of the room! Can't wait to see more!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks! We're excited to get to the decorating part. Right now it's a lot of prep work with removing popcorn ceiling texture and cleaning up the walls. I appreciate all your advice and will keep that in mind for future posts :)

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