Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five for Friday: Thanksgiving Traditions

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Happy Friday! 
Thaksgiving is less than 1 week away! Who's ready to over-indulge in their favorite casseroles?! 
Yesterday at work we had my company's Annual Thanksgiving Potluck lunch.  We had over 60 dishes, so there was no way to try everything but it all looked so good.  If only we could have a mandatory nap after lunch. 

Let's talk about Thanksgiving traditions.  Do you or your family have some?  What are they? 
My family has switched around on traditions throughout the years - growing up we spent Thanksgiving with my grandparents and we would rent a beach house in Gulf Shores.  I remember a few times actaully laying out on the beach, it was so nice and relaxing.  
When we were older (like 16ish), my family started doing mini vacations over the holiday.  We traveled to NYC for the Macy's day parade twice - nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like NYC. 
Another Thanksgiving we went to London and traveled all the famous sights.  It was a fun trip spent with my family exploring a new-to-us place.  I guess the only down side would be not having a traditional meal, but it was worth skipping the turkey & dressing!

This year we'll be celebrating at my parents house.  In the morning we are doing a 5k Gobble Jog, we've done this the past few years.  After the race we'll have a light brunch and then start prepping for dinner.  My Mom is making all my favorites like squash casserole and dressing :)

For me, the most important part of Thanksgiving is spending time with family.  I enjoy always being around them and its so fun now that we all have our significant others to tag along.

How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving?



Lindsey said...

That is pretty cool to travel abroad for Thanksgiving! I would give up some pumpkin pie for a trip to London. I'm running in a 5k on Thursday, too! Got to work up that appetite!


Rachel Zimm said...

those are some pretty memorable Thanksgivings! this year, we'll be going to Minnesota so my grandparents can meet my 1-year-old :)

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Good luck with the 5k! I love an excuse to eat more ;)

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

How fun!! I bet your grandparents are looking forward to that. Happy Friday :)

Ashley said...

I also have wonderful Thanksgiving memories!!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday next week!

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