Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY Bridal Glitter Cardigan

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Happy Monday! 
How was the weekend?
Saturday, the BF and I went to the Greensboro, GA Festival of Trees and Holiday Craft show.  His Aunt had a booth of her crafts: holiday arrangements, small Christmas trees and jewelry boards.  It was fun looking at all the decorated Christmas tress and getting inspiration for mine. Sunday, Julia and I crafted - stay tuned for those projects; but they have to do with the Christmas Pinterest Party we are hosting in a few weeks :)
I hope its a short week for everyone!  I'm just working 2 days this week.  On Wednesday, the family and I are visiting my Grandparents to celebrate an early Thanksgiving.  And on Thursday we're doing dinner at my parent's house, the BF and his parents will be there!
Remember a few weekends ago when we went wine tasting for my friends Bachelerotte Party?  Well, here's the tutorial for the Bridal cardigan I made her:
What you'll need:
Foam Brush
Wash & dry your cardigan per the instructions on the label.  Create your stencil using our tutorial.
Center the stencil where you want it, I did mine a little lower so that her hair wouldn't cover up the wording.  Tape down the stencil so that it doesn't move around on you. 
Dab on a light/medium coat of paint.  The glitter paint dries much darker than how it goes on, I only did one coat.
Don't rush through the stencil process, you might mess up like me!  Part of the "H" stencil came up when I was dabbing on the paint.  I went ahead and finished the entire stencil.  After I pulled up the stencil I went back with soapy detergent water to touch up the "H".  This got most of the paint up, but the next day I went back with a watered-down bleach solution and touched up the area again.  Thank goodness it's a white cardigan!
Once the back of the cardigan in done and completely dry, flip it over to add the "Bride", use the same process.

There you have it, a fun & glittery Bridal cardigan!
I love giving a Bride personalized gifts for her special day. 
It's fun to have all the attention on you!
Have a great day!


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Ashley said...

You had me at "glitter cardigan". Love this idea!!

Have a great Thanksgiving with your family (and enjoy your 2 day work week!!)

Rachel Zimm said...

this is awesome! pinning it, and can't wait to try it for my next bride friend.

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

The glitter paint turned out really good! Much more sparkly than I expected :)

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

It's a fun / inexpensive way to personalize a Bridal jacket :)

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