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Collegiate Burlap Football Door Hanger

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Football season is almost here - woot woot!!  That means it is time to decorate the front door and wave your alma mater in your neighbor's face...just kidding.  I usually put a cute red and black deco mesh wreath on the front door but this year I'm switching it up.  We're decorating our homes with burlap football door hangers!

We got together with some of our friends to make these burlap football door hangers and shockingly we all had different teams to represent.  Luckily no one was a Florida Gator fan - that would have been awkward because I would have had to kick them out.  Yes that's right - I'm a gator hater.

We used our Silhouette Cameo to make these collegiate stencils (tutorial here).  But if you don't have a Silhouette you can always make your stencil the old fashioned way

Next you'll want to cut out the burlap footballs.  Your basically making a football pillow so cut out two pieces of burlap.  Our football measured 15 inches tall and 25 inches wide.  Here's our football template, you will need to size it appropriately.

{Download here}

Before you start painting the door hanger you're going to want to cover one piece (the piece you're going to paint) of burlap in mod podge.  This will make the burlap less porous and save you from wasting paint that would have dripped through the burlap.  We suggest completing this step 24 hours in advance so your modge podge has plenty of time to dry.

Now it is finally time to start painting!! Grab your stencils and put them in place on your modge podged burlap.  To make sure they won't move you'll want to tape them in place - you can use scotch tape for this.  Then paint!  We suggest using a foam brush and dabbing the paint on.  

The great thing about using burlap is that it is very forgiving and your paint rarely bleeds. If your paint does bleed jut grab a damp paper towel and wipe it off - the mod podge makes the surface wipeable. Or you can always come back once the paint has dried and paint off the mistake.

Once you've painted on your stencil you'll want to add a stripe to each side of the football.  You can either paint this on or glue this on with ribbon.  Some of the ladies chose to do a chevron stripe which turned out really cute, it's completely up to you!

While the paint is drying on your burlap front, you can work on the back.  We need to add a twine strap so that you can hang it from the door.  You will glue the twine on the inside of top of your back piece of burlap.  Glue down or sew the strap - it should be about as far apart as the side stripes.

Now connect the front and back of your burlap footballs.  Either hot glue around the edge or sew, your choice.  Leave an opening in the bottom large enough to stuff the burlap. 

Stuff the hanger with brown plastic grocery bags, about 15-20 bags.  Now close up your hanger and decorate the front door!

In case you were thinking "Gosh, they make it look so easy."  Don't worry we are not perfect and we definitely make mistakes - just take a look below. 

The Georgia "G" stencil was put on backwards and we didn't even notice until it was to late...oops.  Luckily it is just paint so we were able to paint over this mistake  and save the football :)   Not to point fingers or anything but it was a GA Tech fan that made this mistake - I wonder if she did it on purpose....hmmm.

Everyone's burlap football door hanger turned out so cute!!  We have a Pinterest craft party quarterly with this group of girls and it's always a blast - especially when mimosas are involved.  It's just a nice excuse to hang out with friends and make a mess!  

If you have no desire to make one of these yourself you are in luck!  We are currently selling these in our Etsy store - come check them out!

Now we are all ready for football season - Go Dawgs!
How do you decorate your front door for football season?

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