Thursday, November 15, 2012

Modge Podge Glitter Wine Glass

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Morning! How's everyone's day?
Here's a fun & easy Bachelorette craft for you:
To celebrate my friend's Bachelorette Party, we visited Dahlonega, GA for wine tasting!
I wanted the Bride to stand out, so I made her a Glitter Wine Glass.
What you'll need:
wine glass - $1 from Dollar Store
Modge Podge
Bedazzled Letters - leftover from another project
Foam Brush
Step 1: clean your wine glass and allow to fully dry.
Step 2: spell out "BRIDE" in bedazzled letters. 
I taped on painters tape to my wine glass so that I would have a level line to follow.  The bedazzled letters I used are meant to be ironed-on, but that won't work for this project.  Apply the letters with Modge Podge, try not to be too messy because the dried Modge Podge will show up on the glass.

Step 3: once the letters have adhered to the glass, peel off the plastic backing.
Step 4: Modge Podge on glitter!
I added glitter on the bottom half of the wine glass.  I did not put any on the stem, I was afraid that it would rub off when the Bride was drinking out of it.  Also, I didn't put glitter along the top rim of the glass, I didn't want the Bride to accidentally drink glitter ;)
Cover the area you want to glitter in Modge Podge.  Then sprinkle on a light coat of glitter.  Allow to dry.  Then cover the same area in more Modge Podge and sprinkle again with glitter.  Once it is dry, try to brush off an excess glitter.  Finally, cover the glitter area in another coat (or 2) of Modge Podge; this will seal in all the glitter.

Now it's time to enjoy some wine with the Bride!


The Fun In Functional @ Practically Functional
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Jessi @ Practically Functional said...

How fun! I bought hand-painted martini glasses for my bridesmaids as gifts and they were a huge hit, so I bet that glass was as well! Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

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