Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy One Year to Southern Color!

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Southern Color is celebrating 1 year today!! Thanks to all our readers for your support and encouragement.  It has been so fun having a blog and sharing with y'all our DIY craft projects & recipes.  Here's a list of our top 5 most viewed blog posts:

We have learned so much in our first year of blogging and we can't wait to see what we learn in our second year.  In our first year we have redesigned the blog, added Pinterest buttons to our posts, added Google Analytics and have made a ton of minor changes.  In August 2011 (our first full month of blogging) we had 667 pageviews and just this past month we had 4,443.  We have created 160 posts and have 38 followers!

One of the things I love most about our blog is that it keeps me and my sister in constant communication.  Even though we live in different states I feel as though I am a part her life.  I love seeing what projects she's working on, what recipes she's trying out and what she's doing in her free time.   

What do you like best about our blog?  What would you like us to add?

Here's to another great year!!!

~Elizabeth and Julia


Christina said...

you girls have done some awesome stuff! you inspire me! happy anny! :)

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks Christina! Time flies when you're blogging! ;)

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