Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Eat Drink & Be Married ~ Burlap Wedding Banner

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Burlap was the inspiration for my brother's Welcome Party. 

To make the banner I cut out 8" x 8" squares of burlap.  You will need however many letters you  are doing.  I spelled out "Eat Drink & Be Married", "Mr & Mrs", and "3 31 12" - so I had 27 burlap squares.

To prevent the squares from completely unraveling, stitch around all sides.

To create your stencil, use the same method I used here.

Center the stencil on your square and paint.  I used black because I like the contrast against the natural burlap, but you can use any color. 

Lay out to dry.

I strung the banner up with twine.  Each saying was split onto 2 strings that measured 8 ft. long - this was long enough to space out the letters as well as have enough twine for over-hang.   I attached the letters to the twine with safety pins.

Find a cute place to hang your sign: on a table, fence, tent, or wall.

I love how the banner customizes the space and adds a whimsical touch!

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