Monday, January 16, 2012

Free Curtains

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Happy Monday!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend! Over the past couple of months I have been working on our office/craft room.  The walls have received a fresh coat of paint and this weekend I updated the curtains...only thing left is for my hubby to organize everything in there - hint, hint, hint :)

The old office curtains are some we bought from Walmart many years ago.  They looked fine in our old place but they seemed too college/dorm like in our house and they were about a foot too short....eeek, I hate short curtains. 

Solution: Add fabric in a matching print to the top of the old curtains.  I had some fabric left over from an old project so this project was free - yes, you heard me FREE!! 

This is a very simple project - it only took me a couple of hours to complete (mainly because I was watching Teen Mom and got a little sidetracked - go ahead and judge me but I love Teen Mom).

Here are the Walmart curtains before - so boring.

Step 1: Remove rod tabs and buttons.

Step 2: Cut new fabric to desired size
Width = Walmart curtain width
Length = Long enough so curtains will touch floor when hung

Step 3: Hem sides of fabric and add rod pocket on top
Step 4: Sew fabric to old curtains 
Step 5: Hang curtains and admire your work!

Please do not pay attention to the mess in the office - this is definitely a work in progress! 

You can make your curtains any length you want to but I love long curtains that puddle at the ground.  I'm so glad this project was free - this is not a room I want to invest money into (trying to convince the hubs to buy some furniture for the living room and dining room) but I still want it to look good. 

I think this room is finally coming together...hopefully I'll be able to reveal the entire office makeover soon!



TheFitOne said...

Great idea. I saw curtains for my guest room that I loved but were too short. I may have to put this idea to good use.
Thanks Julia!
Cindy B

Julia@SouthernColor said...

I still need to see your new house!! We might have to plan a trip to the beach to see y'all!

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