Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You know you're in the South.....

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You know you're in the South when you host a wedding shower for friends at a college football tailgate!
The other weekend my boyfriend and I headed up to Clemson, SC for the Clemson v. North Carolina game and a wedding shower for our friends!  The shower was for my BF's fraternity brother, so we teamed up with a few other couples to throw the shower before the game. 

Lots of planning went into this party and we had so much fun putting everything together.  The invitations were super cute:

We had a mimosa and bloody mary bar:
 (please note the real champagne glasses~ I felt so grown up drinking out of a glass at a tailgate!)

And tons of yummy food ~ I contributed my chicken salad sandwiches and pumpkin spice cookies!
We also had chicken & waffles and shrimp & grits ~ those were eaten too quickly to be photographed! 

The decorations were perfect ~ we tried to incorporate as much orange & purple as possible!  I did the pumpkin flower arrangements

We also had a banner made for the happy couple, something they can use at future tailgates!

After a few hours of celebrating & tailgating we headed to the game!

And Clemson won! Go Tigers!!

What is the most unique wedding shower you have been to?

One of my favorite showers was my sister's ~ she had a crepe shower with homemade crepes!  There was nutella & banana, philly steak, alfredo chicken and many more!!



Christina said...

A wedding shower at a tailgate would be so fun. Everything looks great! YAY for Clemson winning!! Homemade crepes? AHH!

Southern Color said...

It was a blast! Wish you could have been there!

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