Thursday, November 14, 2013

Virtual Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner | Cocktails

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Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away, have you started menu planning?  If not, you're in luck, today we are joining a Virtual Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner.  Here you will be able to find Printables & Decor; Centerpieces; Soups, Salads & Apps; Main & Side Dishes; Desserts and Cocktails!


Southern Color was picked to bring the cocktails!  We wanted something fun & tasty that could be spiked for the adult version or made for the kids.  Our Pumpkin Pie Milkshake is the perfect drink, it's dessert in a glass! 

Our big brother, Ben, created this yummy cocktail!   He's the unofficial bartender master.  The milkshake is cool & refreshing, great for Georgia where it doesn't really get cold until January.  Enjoy!
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November Fourteenth:
Printables -
Decor -
Table Decor and Ideas - 
Drinks -
Appetizers -
November Fifteenth:
Soups - 
Salads -
Main Dishes -
Side Dishes -
Desserts - 
Parting Gifts -

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