Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guestroom Makeover: Crown Molding

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Happy Valentine's Day Southern Color Readers!! We love you guys!

In honor of V-Day I baked and decorated sugar cookies yesterday with my favorite 3 year old.  The only bad thing...I gave up dessert for Lent :(. 

This past weekend we installed crown molding to the Guestroom we are making over for a friend.    Actually...that is kind of a lie.  Elizabeth and I supervised our dad and friend install crown molding this weekend.  Some things should be left to the experts and our dad is definitely an expert after installing crown molding in his house.  So instead of giving y'all a tutorial on how to install crown molding we are just going to give you some tips and pictures on our experience with crown molding.  

Here is what the room looked like before crown molding.  Don't the ceilings look so smooth?!? We removed the popcorn ceiling several weeks ago.

One of the most important tools when installing crown molding is a miter saw.  But make sure your saw blade is sharp!  We had three dull blades so after about an hour of burning wood we decided to buy a new blade.    

 Here's another great tip:  Measure twice!! And if you're still not confident in your measurement measure again.  Or add half an inch to your measurement.  It's better to cut the molding too long than too short!

Elizabeth is such a great supervisor!!

After measuring twice it's time to cut the crown molding!!

Now it's time to install the molding!  This job is so easy if you have a cordless nail gun!  Also it helps to have extra hands to hold the molding in place while one person nails.

It took us about 4 hours to install crown molding in the guestroom.  Not bad at all and it really makes the room look great!

The last step to this installation is caulking the seams and filling in the nail holes.  This part isn't that exciting so we didn't take any pictures.  Once the trim is caulked and the holes are filled in and sanded then you can paint.  We painted the trim white but you'll have to come back for the guestroom reveal to see the finished product!!

{August 2013: This post has been updated to include pictures of the finished product.  The above pictures are of crown molding that has not been painted, the walls have not been cleaned from the popcorn ceiling debris, etc.  Below are pictures of crown molding we installed, the nail holes have been filled, the molding has been painted, and the walls & ceiling have been painted.  We hope you like the finished product as much as we do!}

Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!! This will be my first V-Day alone in 10 years but I'm looking forward to spending it eating pizza and watching a movie with my favorite puppy dog!
What are your plans?


The Kim Six Fix said...

I can't wait to do crown in my master bedroom.. Yours looks so great.. glad to hear you didn't think it was an overwhelming job!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

It took a few hours to complete. The first few cuts were a little tricky, but by the end of the day we were finally getting the hang of it. Best of luck installing yours! Let us know how it works out!

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