Monday, January 7, 2013

Recipe Revisited: Morning Rolls

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One of the best things about blogging are our readers!! We love hearing you've tried out our recipes and crafts!  We also love hearing your feedback and questions...remember we're new to this whole blogging thing so our posts aren't perfect yet.  Sometimes our directions might be confusing to you so we love it when you ask us to clarify.  Recently we had some questions about our morning rolls so we decided to re-post the recipe with additional instructions and photos.

Morning Rolls

48oz package of yeast dinner rolls (around 20 rolls) - I use Kroger brand rolls
3 3/4oz package Butterscotch Pudding Mix (NOT instant)
1/2 cup of butter
3/4 cup Brown Sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup chopped nuts

Step 1: Arrange the rolls in a greased bundt pan

Step 2: Sprinkle the dry pudding mix over the rolls

Step 3: Cook brown sugar, butter and cinnamon over low heat until sugar dissolves

Step 4: Stir in nuts (I used pecans but you can use whatever you like)

Step 5: Pour the mixture over the rolls

**Cover the rolls evenly with the mixture**

Step 6: Cover bundt pan tightly with aluminum foil and let stand on countertop overnight so the rolls can rise.

This is what the rolls will look like in the morning - they grow a ton overnight

Step 7: Bake the rolls at 350 degrees for 30 minutes the next morning
**This is what they will look like when the come out of the oven**

Step 8: Let stand for 5 minutes and then flip them unto a platter

Step 9: Enjoy with a mimosa!!

This recipe is so easy and I love the fact that its practically ready for you the next morning!  It's the perfect recipe for a laid back breakfast!

Thanks again for all the feedback and questions!! We love hearing from you!

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