Friday, January 4, 2013

High Five for Friday

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1.  Our Dad's 61st Birthday last Friday!
We celebrated with a family bowling outing and Italian for dinner.  Julia and I made him Bourbon German Chocolate Brownies, so good!

2.  Crafting with Friends!
Julia and I helped our friend Lindsay with a few projects around the house.  We made new pillows for the couch and painted a side table tourqouise.

*And the puppies became best friends!*

 3.  NYE at the Chickfila Bowl watching Clemson beat LSU!

4. Our 2nd Silhouette Cameo project - personalized snack bowls.
**Use a rubber band as a level to keep your words straight**
5.  Our awesome gifts from the Family Dirty Santa Gift Exchange!
Julia received a single brew Kuerig and I received a pasta & salad bowl from Mud Pie.
I hope you had a great week!   And enjoy the weekend :) 



Kim S. said...

New follower from #H54F. Love those pillows you made!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks for stopping by Kim!! The pillows turned out great and we just used what our friend already had.

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