Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY Lace Bridal Garter with Rosettes

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You might remember the Kiawah wedding I went to early December.  It was for my good friend and previous roommate of 5 years.  Her wedding was understated elegance and she was probably the most calm Bride I have ever seen.

She originally ordered a garter off of Etsy, but was not happy with what showed up.  The garter was bulky with lots of full ruffles.  She asked me to recreate it into something simple and a garter that would lay flat under her wedding gown. 

After playing around with a few different styles, we decided to do a lace elastic band with lace rosettes and rhinestones in the center.

 What you'll need:
Elastic Lace - this is the garter, everything else is decoration
Lace Ribbon, 1/2 inch wide
White Thread
Fabric Glue

I made 3 rosettes for this garter, one large and two small rosettes.

To make the rosette, start with the 1/2 inch lace ribbon, about 8 inches long.  Tie a knot on one end, cut off the little end.  Start wrapping the lace around the knot.  Sew the lace to the knot whenever it gets too much to hold.

For a larger rosette, wrap the lace around the knot several times (about 5 times) and for a smaller rosette only go around 3 times. 

The lace ribbon I used was too wide for what I wanted, so I had to cut it down to the right width (1/2 inch).  If you do this, make sure the finished side is facing out and the cut side is on the inside where it won't be seen.

Make sure the lace is completely secure to the knot and tie off in the back.  And there you go, a lace rosette!  Keep in mind that every rosette will look different. 

To add some sparkle, I glued a small rhinstone in the center of each rosette.  You can use either fabric glue or hot glue for this.

Secure the rosettes to the elastic lace band by hand stitching them on, do this before you sew the band together.  Once the rosettes are placed and secure sew together the ends of your elastic lace.  You want the band to be a little smaller than the Bride's thigh (where she'll place the garter) - this helps ensure that it won't fall off.

And there you go!  A simple and classy bridal garter!

I'm so happy with how it turned out, I hope the Bride liked it!

As you can tell I photographed this post back when pumpkins were relevant ;) 
Have you ever helped a friend with wedding decorations or crafts?


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Theresa said...

Your garter for your friend turned out really nice! I love helping & making things for weddings. Thanks for linking up on DearCreatives.com & hope to see you this week too!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks for hosting!

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