Monday, October 1, 2012

ROTM: Sufi's Persian Restaurant

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Happy Monday!
Did everyone have a nice weekend?
Friday the BF and I did date night at Harry & Son's.  We shared 3 rolls: volcano, rock & roll, and dynamite.
Saturday I hung out with my favorite niece! And watched football with friends.
Sunday the family got together to celebrate my parent's 34th wedding anniversary!  My brother made chili and homemade cheesecake with strawberries, yum!!
Here's a restaurant review to get your day started!
Last month's ROTM was at Sufi's Persian Restaurant.  This was my first Persian experience - the food reminds me of Greek food with lots of dips and pita breads.
I started with a glass a Benvolio Pinot Grigio, $7.50/glass.
We snacked on hummus, Mast Kheyan (a cucumber/herb dip) and Khask Bademjan (sauteed eggplant with yogurt whey and carmelized onion). 
We also had an endless supply of fresh pita bread.
Jennifer had the Koobidah kabab (beef) with saffron rice. 
Kim had the lamb shank, she said it was so tender that the meat was falling off the bone. 
I had Sufi's Veggie Stew with Spicy sautéed eggplant, onions, garlic with chick peas, tomato sauce and spices - served with fluffy saffron basmati rice.


For dessert we all split the baklava cheesecake.  It was normal cheesecake with baklava on top - so good!  And not too sweet.
We sat on the patio which was really nice.  The restaurant is located next to R. Thomas Deluxe - so during dinner we listened to all their birds squawk.  If you're looking for a quiet dinner, the patio might not work for you ;)
Overall, I really enjoyed the food & experience.  The server was very helpful and attentive (until it was time to pay the bill, then he disappeared for about 15 mins). 
Past ROTM's:
Have you tried any new restaurants lately?

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