Thursday, August 23, 2012

Restaurant Review | The Family Dog

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Morning everyone! I hope your day is off to a good start!
I'm going to need a little extra chai tea today, I'm so sleepy. 
Random Question, has anyone tried International Delight's Iced Coffee?  I really want to try it but I'm afraid it will be too sweet.  Thoughts??
Here's a fun Atlanta restaurant review to get you hungry!
The Family Dog is Chef Ron Eyester & Jason Chenette's concept for a neighborhood bar and grill.  The menu is unique and the food is always tasty.  On Sunday, the BF and I ended up here after church, the wait was too long at Rosebud so we walked across the street.  The restaurant is very casual, you seat yourself either at the bar or a hightop table. 

We shared the fried chicken & waffles and hasbrown casserole - everything was delicious!
The chicken was covered in a spicy maple glaze and was so moist & tender.  The waffle was pretty standard, but the combination of the two is out of this world! 

I loved the hashbrown casserole - it was full of onions, jalapenos, cheese and a poached egg.  The flavors were a great combination!

We were served a side of spinach with our chicken & waffles - it tasted fine, but wasn't my favorite.  Probably b/c it was too healthy compared to everything else!

We also snacked on texas toast with blackberry jam and some cocktails.  I had a Bailey's and coffee - the waitress warned me she made the coffee strong, but she wasn't kidding!  I had the shakes the rest of the day ;)  The BF had a screwdriver (oj & vodka).  It was a perfect brunch on a rainy Sunday afternoon!

Where do you like to go for brunch?



Christina said...

Chicken in a spicy maple glaze? YUM! Here's a review that I recently read on the iced coffee:

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

The chicken was AMAZING! That iced coffee review isn't too convincing, maybe if I mix it with real coffee?

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