Friday, August 24, 2012

High Five for Friday: Is it October yet?

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We made it to Friday!!! Yay...I thought this day would never come! 

Lately I have noticed that I am pinning a ton of fall/Halloween items on Pinterest.  I know I have a good month before I can start decorating for Halloween but I don't know if I can wait that long...eek.

Here are some of the Halloween/Fall items I've pinned:

Spells & Potions Halloween: Creepy Drinks {+ Free Printables}
Every year our neighborhood has a Halloween cookout on Halloween.  We hand out candy and have a few's so much fun!  These labels would be perfect for wine and beer!

DIY Halloween pillows
I love burlap!  It's so cheap (only about $4 a yard) and it's so easy to paint on!  I could definitely make these myself.

centerpiece for fall
So simple yet absolutely gorgeous! Who can I convince to make me a box like this?

easy autumn center piece - drill holes in a log add candles and small gourds. Love it!
We recently cut down some limbs in our backyard and I happened to save some of the logs.  This project is almost complete - now I just have to drill some holes into the top of those logs...I love easy projects.

Chocolate Dipped Apple Slices - I love this could do a caramel layer first.  So much easier to eat than the whole version!
This doesn't look that that a word?!?!  Anyways...I love apples and I love going apple picking in the fall (or at least the idea of it - I haven't actually been apple picking in years).  This is a perfect way to use all of those apples you pick!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!!




Christina said...

Haha, I thought Friday would never come either! The weather has been SO cool in CHS. Fall is coming earlier than we expected!

Jennifer Goodin said...

i am SO ready for fall!

Casey Shreve said...

I love your alls blog so much I posted about it today! Definitely one of my favorites!

Julia@SouthernColor said...

We have had amazing weather in Nashville too...I hope it stays this way!

Julia@SouthernColor said...

Ah....thanks Casey!! I love the game day t-shirt dress you made - so cute!

Julia@SouthernColor said...

Me too - I'm ready to start wearing boots and sweaters!!

Unknown said...

I am so ready for fall, great ideas, love the burlap pillows :)

Hugs, Tanya

PolkaDottyPlace said...

I'm ready for Fall too!! I resisted buying an adorable Halloween decoration just the other day! Love those burlap pillows.

Unknown said...

love the apple slices!

Hope you had a great Sunday! Drop by and say hello!

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