Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Boyfriend 15lbs... UPDATE!

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A little over a month ago I started sharing with y'all my eating habits and workout routine.  It's been tough tracking everything I eat, especially when it's days where I snack alot.  I do think it has made me more accountable and I've enjoyed tracking my workout routine.  My meals are not exciting, you've probably noticed that I'll eat the same thing for lunch & dinner for a week in a row - that's what happens when you cook for one.   What I've become most aware of is eating out, I probably eat out at least 4 to 5 times a week (mostly on the weekends).  My goal is to cut back on eating out, for example, tonight I am making homemade pizza and salad instead of going to Fellini's.  Also, for Lent I gave up sweets and fried foods.  Not eating fried food definitely makes me feel better and I don't really miss the sweets.

My gym workout is pretty consistent - spin class on Monday nights, either the elliptical or treadmill Tuesday through Thursday, and then a run outside on Friday.  I would really like to add in a weekend run especially now that the weather is nice!  I'm typically at the gym for an hour a night and average 3 miles on the treadmill or elliptical.

Are you curious what my gym looks like?  It's a 2-story gym with weight training, spin room, fitness room and free weights on the 1st floor and cardio machines on the 2nd.  My go to spot is the 2nd floor - but it's kind of creepy when its busy because you can feel the floor bounce!!
Spin Room
(there's a small area on the 2nd floor with about 10 bikes) 

(at least they face a window, so the views nice!)


I think it is so important to find a gym that you like and one that makes you feel comfortable.   I love going to the gym after work, it's my time to unwind, catch up on some tv or read my book (yes - I read while on the treadmill and elliptical!).

Have y'all enjoyed reading my Weight and Fitness page?  Do you have any questions or suggestions for me?

I haven't necessarily lost any weight, but I do feel much better in my clothes - and really, that's all I care about!



Ashley said...

It looks like you eat really well! Maybe you're already doing this, but one thing I've found helpful since I'm trying not to gain too much weight while being pregnant is to look for hidden sugars and carbs in foods. If there's a lower sugar or lower carb version of something, I choose that one. And I almost never eat "low fat" foods because they're SO much higher in sugar. Here's an article that I think does a good job explaining why sugar is so harmful (besides the obvious reason that it causes weight gain quickly):

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks Ashley! I've cut back on sugar by not eating sweets, but you're right, sugar is hidden in all kinds of things. My morning chai tea has 27 grams - eek!! I definitely need to start eating more natural sugars from fruits and veggies.

Ashley said...

You could do something like a spiced tea and add unsweetened coconut milk and a little honey or agave nectar. I love coming up with ways to get my faves without the sugar :)

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

That sounds good! I'll have to give it a try :-)

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