Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Faves...Coupon Addition

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I have always loved finding good deals!  You could say I'm thrifty or cheap and I am completely fine with that - I mean who doesn't want to save money!!  Here are some AMAZING deals available this weekend! 

Free Quart of Paint at ACE Hardware this Saturday
I have several projects in progress that will definitely benefit from this coupon!

Donate $5 to the March of Dimes and receive a free sunless tan at Sun Tan City this weekend
Sun Tan City offers Versa sunless tanning which looks very natural (as long as you don't try to go too dark).  There are always great deals available for sunless tanning - I recently purchased a Groupon for 2 versa tans for $20.

Buy 6 Coca Cola 12 Packs for only $10 at Walgreens - sale ends Saturday
This is a great coupon for my household!  I drink one can of diet coke a day and the hubs drinks a can of Dr. Pepper a day - we're not coffee drinkers so we love our sodas! 

Here are some ongoing deals that I love:

We've had a monthly subscription to Netflix for the past 4-5 years and love it.  One of our favorite features is the instant viewing option!

I just signed up for my 30 day trial of Photoshop Elements and cannot wait to see what all it can do.  This program will be very useful since I'm taking a ton of pictures for my photography class.

This is one of my favorite apps for my phone!  Originally it was only in a few cities so I was exstatic when it came to Nashville last year.  It's very similar to Groupon except it's free - you get 50% off at restuarants and stores.

I'm sure everyone knows about Groupon but in case you don't it's a website that offers discounts for services, restuarants, trips, anything! 

Retail Me Not
This is one of my favorite places to go for online promotion codes.  Before I make an online purchase I always go here to see if there are any promotion codes available - this website usually saves me an additional 10-15% on my online purchases.

Hope this helps you save some money this weekend!!



Julia@SouthernColor said...

For all of my Nashville friends:

I just found out that Gigi's Cupcakes will be giving away free mini cupcakes tomorrow from 12-6pm. If you've never had one of their cupcakes - they are DELICIOUS!

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