Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Christmas Cookie Tin

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Every Christmas I make cookies for my peers at work.  I almost always make our Chocolate Crackle cookies with pecans - they seem to be a huge crowd pleaser.
You may or may not know, but I love TJ's chai tea mix.  I drink a warm cup every morning.  One day I noticed that the chai tea container would be the perfect container for Christmas cookies.  So I started saving them - it probably took me 3 months to collect 8.  Yes - I was thinking about Christmas back in September ;)
To start, drink a lot of chai tea.  Next tear off the label and rinse out the container.  These containers are a thick cardboard, so I couldn't put them in the dishwasher, I had to hand wash them.  Allow to completely dry.
I covered the tins with scrapbooking paper.  Measure the width and diameter of your tin and cut the paper to fit.
Modge Podge the paper on to the tin. 
The paper I used was a little thick.  So to keep it in place while it dried, I wrapped hair ties around the tin on top of the paper. 

The paper I used was not wide enough in diameter, there was an inch gap.
I just cut another piece of scrapbook paper to size (and used fancy scissors) then Modge Podged it on.

Allow the Modge Podge to set for a day.  And remove the hair ties.
I made stickers for each tin using PicMonkey.  Center the stickers and stick on.  

Now fill your tins with cookies, each tin fit about 5 cookies.

Give out to friends and family!
What is your favorite holiday gift to give to peers?

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