Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Porch Makeover

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It's that time of year again!  It's time to move all activities outdoors!  That means dinner, game night, reading time....pretty much everything.  Which means it's also time to update your porch décor. 

Our parents have enlisted our help with their porch makeover this year and we can't wait to get started.  We're thinking out with the old and in with the new. 

The porch functions great right now.  It has plenty of seating for our large family and has a table for food and drinks.  The only thing that needs improvement is the shape of the tables.  The two tables on the porch right now are round and they don't utilize the space that well - there's a lot of unused space.

The inspiration for the porch makeover colors come from these items that our parents already own.   I love all of the bright colors!  I also love the flamingo paintings (I painted them when I was in high school...hehe).  These items are a great start for the porch makeover but we need more color in this space.  Right now you don't even notice these awesome pieces when you look at the space - they disappear.

Here is what we are thinking for the makeover.  First and foremost - new furniture.  We want to get a long rectangular table that sits at least 8 people so we need a table that is 92in long or longer.  Next we want to get a buffet to store outdoor dinner ware and to place food on top of during parties.  For the chairs we are thinking 6 chairs that match and two head chairs that are bigger and different.  We'll bring in color with pillows, furniture and accessories.  And last but not least we'll install a new ceiling fan - we're in Georgia so every room needs a fan :)
We definitely have some challenges with this makeover.  The table is a key piece and it has been difficult to find one that is large enough.   Pottery Barn seems to be the only place that has extendable outdoor tables and they cost a small fortune.   Hopefully we'll be able to find the table at PB Outlet...fingers crossed.   I'm hoping to find the buffet at the thrift store; then I can paint it black and cover it in a good quality outdoor poly.   I've been looking for this piece for weeks and still haven't found anything though.  The last challenge is that we are working with an outdoor space so that means no walls to paint.  We'll have to bring in color through the accessories and not just any accessories.  All of the accessories will need to be made for the outdoors and water resistant.
We're are really excited to get started on this project and can't wait for our vision to become reality!!  Are you planning to redecorate your outdoor space for the summer?
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