Monday, April 15, 2013

Pinterest Recipes

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Happy Tax Day!?!!
I hope everyone is done with their taxes and enjoying a little gift from the government!
Pinterest is such a genius idea for people like me who need an efficient way to organize ideas, crafts, recipes, etc.   I love looking at all the recipes and getting inspiration.  The other month Julia and I hosted book club, so most of the food came from Pinspiration!
I finally put my crockpot to work and made turkey meatballs with a teriyaki glaze
all you need is zucchini, pizza sauce, cheese & pepperoni
Julia made these with marinated mozzeralla balls, pepperoni and tomatoes
traditional recipe using crescent rolls

this recipe didn't turn out great, my caulfiflower was mushy instead of crunchy :(
Julia made this dip and it was a huge crowd pleaser!

What Pinterest recipes have you tried out lately?


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