Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guestroom Makeover: Ombre Quote Board

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Ombre is so in right now!  You can ombre almost anything: your clothes, hair, furniture, nails, and even a canvas!  We wanted to add personalized artwork to the Guestroom Makeover.  We asked the homeowner to send us his favorite quotes and that's what put on the Ombre Quote Board. 

The last time I did a quote board we didn't have a Silhouette, so I painstakingly hand-cut every single letter!  This time we used the Silhouette and it saved us so much time!!  Instead of a traditional stencil, we did a backwards stencil.  Meaning we painted the canvas the color of the wording first then laid the letters on top of the blue color.  Last we painted the yellow ombre effect on top then peeled off the vinyl letters.  Sounds easy right??!
Step 1:  Paint the canvas the color you want your letters to be.
We used a blue paint sample we tested out for the room.

Step 2:  Add your vinyl letters that you printed on your Silhouette.
The quote we used is pretty long, so we split it into 2 lines.  The size of your letters will depend on the size of your canvas & quote.  We wanted the quote to fill the entire canvas - so after a little math, we had the perfect size.

Step 3:  Paint the blue color over the vinyl.
This will create a fine line for your letters.

Step 4:  Ombre the canvas board!
We started with white on the bottom and worked up to a bright/rich yellow on top.

Step 5: Once the paint is dry, peel off the vinyl letters.
You'll most likley have a few imperfections, but these are easy to touch up with a small paint brush.

And there you go!  A personalized Ombre Quote Board :)

Here's a picture of it hanging in the Guestroom.  I love how it pops against the light blue walls. 

This piece of art was a complete surprise to the homeowner.  We asked for his favorite quote, but didn't say how we were going to use it in the room.   He was really excited to see the canvas go up in the Guestroom, it adds a personalized touch to the Guestroom Makeover!


Jaime said...

I'm absolutely LOVING this! Y'all did a fabulous job! I want one now! :)


Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks girl! The ombre effect is pretty easy to do and the quote was a fun way to personalize the space.

House of Smiths said...

Thanks so much for sharing your post at our linky party this week!
Great board. Great quote.

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