Friday, March 8, 2013

Exclusive Giveaway on Southern Color

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Southern Color had the opportunity to meet with a new up & coming Atlanta company the other week.  Their concept is so neat, think BirchBox / NetFlix meets wine lovers.  We absolutely love the idea and cannot wait for the company to go "live".  Unfortunately, we cannot say exactly who the company is, they have an exclusive launch with someone else on March 19th.  Lucky for you they are giving away a great prize.  To enter, just become a follower of Southern Color.  Once we reach 150 followers, we will choose one winner for this Exclusive Prize!

Trust us...this prize is awesome!  We wish we could win it! 
Spread the word and follow our blog! 

We love all of our followers so all of you are eligible for this super secret prize.  Even if you've been following us since day one, thanks, you will get the chance to win too!  If you are a new follower, thanks for joining!   Check back in a few weeks for a full review of the company and more details on the giveaway.

Happy Friday!

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Jaime said...

Shared via facebook and twitter, hopefully you lovely ladies can get some more followers from it :)

Happy Friday!


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