Monday, March 11, 2013

Crockpot Freezer Meals

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Remember when I told y'all I got a new job (woohoo) well the hours are a little different than my last job.  At my old job I got home around 5pm and at this one I don't get home until 7pm :(.  Don't get me wrong I really like my new job!  It's definitely the perfect job for me and I finally get a chance to use my education.  But by the time I get home I am absolutely starving...I mean ravenous!!  I could eat anything and I definitely don't feel like making dinner when I get home.  So I decided to try out some crockpot freezer meals. 
I've seen tons of crockpot freezer meals on Pinterest lately but a lot of them use cream of something soup and frozen veggies.  There's nothing wrong with that but I love fresh veggies so I scoured Pinterest for crockpot meals that use fresh veggies.  Kojo Designs had exactly what I was looking for!  She has tons of recipes to choose from.  Instead of just picking one of them I made them all!!  That way I'll have dinners for the entire month.
Here's what I made:
Honey and Spicy Braised Peanut Chicken
Coconut Chicken Curry
BBQ Chicken
Orange Chicken
Man-Pleasing Chicken
Honey Rosemary Chicken
Lime Salsa Chicken
Balsamic Fig Chicken
Santa Fe Chicken
Notice something...every dish has chicken.  The best part about making so many chicken dishes is that I was able to get the huge bags of chicken from Costcos.  This is a great way to save money!   Do you also notice all of the delicious veggies?!?  These meals have tons of veggies in them so they're healthy...right?  Who knows but they all sound good at least. 

All of the pins on Pinterest for crockpot freezer meals talk about how easy it is to make 10 meals in 2 hours.  I think they say "You can do it while your kids nap."  Well I don't have kids but I love the idea of making so many meals in so little time with only one mess.  See below for my mess.  Not bad at all and it took no time to clean up.  I think it's impossible for me to make something without dropping stuff on the floor.  Do you have that problem?  Well for the 2 hour thing, I guess I'm slow because it took me closer to 3.5 hours to put everything together.  This was my first time making these meals so maybe I'll be quicker next time.  Cutting all of the vegetables probably took the longest.  There were a ton of veggies to cut!

Look at all of these great meals I made...yummo!  So far I've tried the Coconut Chicken Curry and the BBQ Chicken.  These two meals made enough for 8 servings so get ready for some leftovers.  I really liked the coconut chicken curry.   It had a great taste to it!  The bbq chicken on the other hand wasn't my favorite.  I don't think I'll be making that one again.  I've got 7 more meals to try and I can't wait.  I'm really looking forward to the mexican meals...I could eat mexican everyday!
Are you a crockpot fan?  Have you tried the crockpot freezer meals?  Which ones are your favorites?

Happy Monday!


Definitely Sarah B. said...

This is actually such a good idea - I love to cook but then through the week I just get so darn tired! I will confess - I'm scared of a crockpot if I'm not home...but I suppose low is the way to go Any suggestions?

Unknown said...

It's so nice to come home to a warm dinner! It is a little scary leaving the crockpot on all day but a least it's on low. So far I haven't had anyproblems. Also my crockpot has a timer so it turns off when it's done :)

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