Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guestroom Makeover: Shop Til You Drop

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One of the best things about the guestroom makeover we have been working on is that we get to go shopping!!! We're your typical girls and we love shopping!  We spent a whole day driving around Atlanta to purchase these items for our friend's guestroom.

We have decided to go with a gray blue modern bed and breakfast feel for the guestroom.  And we've been so lucky finding the right pieces! 

 The pillow on the left was our inspiration piece and one of the first pieces we found.  We found the pillow at Tuesday Morning and squeled when we saw them.  It was love at first sight.  We loved that the pillow had three different blues on it which made it a lot easier finding other pieces that matched.  The pillow on the left is placed on top of the comforter we got for the bed - isn't it the perfect color!! We found the comforter at Target - we almost didn't look here for pieces but I'm so glad we did!  The chair on the right was another amazing find.  I mean it matches the pillow perfectly!  We got two of these from Kirklands and they will go in the small nook of the guestroom.  The rug on the bottom right is from Pottery Barn Outlet and we got it for a steal.  I love that its a neutral color and I think the blue pieces will really pop on it!

We've also bought two lamps for the room - one for each side table.  We decided to get non matching lamps and I really think they look great together!  The lamps came from HomeGoods...the best place ever for home decor items!   The Dream sign was another great find.  Dream has a special meaning for our client so we thought it would be perfect in the room.  The sign is originally from HomeGoods but we found it at Goodwill for a fraction of the price.

Every guest room needs a trash can and hangers.  We've decided to use the basket as a trash can.  I love that the trash can matches the black basket table!

The black basket table is going to be used as a tv stand in the room.  We're contemplating whether or not to take out the top two baskets and using that space for the tv components.  What do you think?  The black X table below is going to be one of the side tables.  It looks just like a table from Pottery Barn but we found it at Ross for a lot less!

Here are the curtains for the room.  They are very simple and light and breezy.  We are doing a whole wall of curtains behind the bed to disguise an offset window so we didn't want anything too heavy.  We're also going to make cornice boards to go above the curtains and for the other window.  We got the curtains from Ikea.  If you've never checked out Ikea's curtains I highly recommend them!  The majority of my curtains come from Ikea.  I love that their curtains are long and come in a ton of they're a great price!  The Barometer Ikea box below is a floor lamp we got for the nook.   Hopefully it's not too hard to assemble.

Last but not least here is the table for the nook.  Our friend specifically requested that we make over a piece for him and this is it!  We found this piece for a steal and I love the lines of it.  It just needs a new top - I'm thinking about painting a checkerboard design on the top.  What do you think we should do to this piece?  Repaint the entire piece or just add a new top?

I am so happy with all of the pieces we've found for the room.  I think it's going to look so good!! 

Check back with us next Thursday to see how to install crown molding!  Our Dad is teaching us how to this weekend!!

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Bree said...

Thank you for the post on my blog! I'm so excited to spend some time on yours because I'm looking to redo one of my rooms and you have great ideas! -Bree

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