Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guestroom Makeover

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Good morning!
Julia and I have been enlisted by a family friend to makeover his guestroom.  We are so flattered that someone actually likes our projects enough to trust us in designing and decorating an entire room :)

The guestroom is completely bare right now, so we'll need to paint the walls, buy furniture, design a layout, sew pillows, create cornice boards, etc.   Also, the ceilings are currently the lovely popcorn textured finish, so we'll be experimenting with ways to remove that.  Any ideas??!

Here's a room tour:

This photo is facing the room's entry door.  The wall is 155.75 inches wide.

This wall is opposite the door and is where the king size bed will go. 
Please note the off centered window - any ideas on how to disguise this?

The room has a cute nook to the left of the door. 
We're thinking this is perfect for 2 reading chairs and a table or trunk.

This is the wall to the right of the door.  The closet doors need to be re-hung and painted.  What do you think of painting doors a charcoal color?

More pictures.
The carpet will be removed and hardwood floors are going to be installed (professionally).

We are thinking of doing an iron bed for the room.  Mostly because the headboard is going to cover a little of the window (the window is off centered on the wall and hangs 40 inches from the floor).  We think an iron bed will look more airy and not cover the window in an awkward way.

The homeowner has a great antique dresser for us to use.  We think this would be the perfect piece for a night stand (we'll remove the mirror).

This is what we're thinking for furniture placement.

We'll need to purchase: a king size mattress & bed, 1 nightstand, dresser/tv stand, corner curio stand, 2 arm chairs, 1 table/ trunk and 2 area rugs.

 What are your ideas for this room?
Would you arrange the room differently?
How would you disguise the off-centered window?

Check back next week for our inspiration board!

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