Monday, September 17, 2012

Mud Crusade: Race Review

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Happy Monday!
Did y'all have a nice weekend?
Mine was great.  Friday night the BF and I did dinner & a movie- we finally watched Snow White & the Huntsman.  I've been wanting to see this movie since it came out in June.  Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations.  There wasn't much of a plot or a script, just really cool fight scenes.  I would rate it 2.5 out of 5. 
Have you seen the movie? What did you think??  Am I just being really harsh?!?
Saturday I did the Mud Crusade 5k with some friends.  I've never done one before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  This one took place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway south of the city.
Here's a before picture - look how clean we are!
The race took you through wooded areas and open fields.  This Saturday was in the high 80's and we didn't start until noon - so half the battle of the race was the heat! 
Obstacles included: climbing over a wooden wall, monkey bars (over a mud pit), crawling through a tunnel in mud, an ice bath, climbing a rope ladder wall, running through fire and more!
Water slide into mud pit
Roped ladder wall
The camaraderie of all the participants was great!  Guys would stand at the bottom of the walls to help lift girls over.  Everyone was cheering each other on.    We stayed together as a group, so we had each other there for help on the obstacles and it made the race that much more fun!
And here's the after picture!

Yes - I have socks on.  But as you can tell they are the same color as my legs.  Every inch of me was covered in a layer of mud! 
We all kept saying how tan we looked!  So if you're looking for an affordable tanning option, go dip yourself in a mud pit ;)

The race collected our muddy shoes at the end of the race to donate to charity.  That made be feel good to know I wasn't just throwing away a decent pair of shoes.
I highly recommend doing a mud race.  It was a ton of fun and so different from a traditional 5k.  My friend, Jennifer, who did this race with us is doing a Tough Mudder in October - it's similar to this race but 12 miles - wish her luck!!


Lucky Zucca said...

That is so neat that they collected the shoes to donate to charity!! You're making me want to do one of these races!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

You should definitely do one!! The main reason I did the Mud Crusade is b/c they had a Living Social coupon for 1/2 off, these races can be pricey. The Merrell Down & Dirty mud race is in 3 weeks in Conyers, fyi :)

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