Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tailgate Tuesday: UGA pottery

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Tailgating isn't a casual activity in the South where you just throw down some paper plates and a bag of potato chips.  Nope, we bring out the "fine china" to serve our pigs 'n' a blanket and 7-layer nacho dip!

Magnolia Lane Pottery is so fun! They sell everything from wine glasses, cookie jars, veggie plates and much more. And they have a wide variety of colleges they cater to.

A great thing about this pottery is that it's microwave & dishwasher safe! I have had mine for close to 5 years and everything is still in great condition.

Here's a dressed up cheese plate served on Magnolia Lane pottery.

I included: smoked guoda, sharp cheddar and baked brie with apricot jam. Plus there is smoked salmon and TJ's baked pita crackers and a garnish of fresh green grapes.

What is your style of tailgating?


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