Monday, May 21, 2012

Pinterest success!

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My "Pinning" has gotten out of control!  I Pin everything from recipes, nail polish colors, craft ideas, sewing projects, cute puppies and more!  I wonder if I'll ever complete even half of the craft ideas I have Pinned.  At least I can mark one off the list, breaking glass with nail polish remover!

This project ended up on Pinterest from the Crafty Scrappy Happy blog.   Her tutorial is great and it actually works! 

Step 1: pick out a wine bottle
Step 2: wrap yarn around the bottle 5 times
Step 3: slide off the yarn, dip in nail polish remover and slide back on
Step 4: light the yarn on fire
Step 5: once the flame burns out, dip the bottle in cold water
Step 6: SNAP!

As you can see, my broken edge didn't turn out perfectly straight, but I'm okay with that.  It gives it a rustic feel.  Use sandpaper to smoothe out the sharp edges.

The next step for me is turning this into a candle, kind of like this.  I'll show you that in a different tutorial.

Were you crafty this weekend?

Happy Monday!


Lucky Zucca said...

This is really neat!! I had seen something similar but was afraid to do it myself (knowing me, I'd manage to burn the whole house down, not just the yarn haha!)

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

I was so scared I was going to set my place on fire, but luckily the flame was not big at all! Just do it in a well ventilated area, the nail polish remover is kindy of stinky!!

Katelyn Joy ~ said...

Elizabeth, thanks for testing this out and sharing how it went. I am planning to do this to an old Absolut bottle. My husband said he wants to witness it (he might be thinking he should be ready to drive me to the hospital). It should ease his nerves to know I have a friend of a friend who succeeded with this method!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

I've tested this out a few more times, and for some reason it doesn't work on all wine bottles. And you can't use a scented nail polish remover. Let me know how it works on the Absolut bottle, good luck not burning your place down ;)

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