Thursday, April 12, 2012

Slime Green Picture Frames

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I have been in desperate need of art for my dining room.  The back wall has been bare for several months (I moved the mirror that used to be there to our guest room) and it's been driving me crazy.  I finally thought of a perfect solution that cost me less than $10!! 

I found these old picture frames in my grandparent's barn in upstate NewYork.  I wasn't a big fan of the pictures but I love the detailing on the frames.

The frames were in decent condition except for a few spots where the molding/detailing fell off.

So I bought some wood filler and added my own detailing. 

I decided to paint the frames a bold green color.  The dining room has wood furniture and tan walls so it needed a little color.

I went to Staples and printed off some pictures of Rome I took several years ago.  These are engineer prints and might be my new favorite thing!  Each picture is 18x24 and only cost $2 each!

I think the pictures turned out great!  I love the bold color and they really brighten up the space!

See how I started out with two picture frames...well I kind of broke the glass in one of them during this project :(  Now I need to find a cheap 18x24 picture frame at the Thrift store so I can replace the glass.

I definitely recommend everyon trying engineered prints! They print sizes up to 3ft x 7.5ft and they are so cheap!  They only print in Black and White but every home needs a few B&W pictures...right.

We are heading to Charleston, SC bright and early tomorrow morning so check back with us next week to find out what we ate and what we drank!  I can't wait for an oyster shooter from Pearlz!



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