Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter in Review

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I hope everyone had a great Easter!!  We spent our Easter with my husband's family at his grandparent's beautiful farm in West Tennessee.  We jump at every chance we get to go out there because it means that we will get to see a ton of family.  Yesterday there were at least 20 people there and that's not even the entire crew.


Lilly loves running around and exploring the farm!

130 hard boiled eggs were died and hidden this year for the Easter Egg Hunt!  It was so much fun seeing the kids search for them!  Some of them were pretty hard to find - even for the adults!

We made strawberry cake balls for everyone to enjoy.  This was my first time making cake balls and they were a little harder than I expected.  The cake balls kind of fell apart when I dipped them in the melted chocolate but they still tasted delicious!

Lilly really enjoyed the car ride yesterday and was in desperate need of a bath after running around the farm all day!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! 


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