Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Boyfriend 15lbs.....

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Julia and I really try to focus our blog on DIY crafts, recipes, and southern fun.  But I would like to switch gears a bit.  Sorry in advance to the BF - but I am going to blame him for my weight gain! 

The BF and I have been together for over a year and in that time I have gained 6lbs.  I attribute this to our dates which seem to be focused on food and drinks.  And the fact that I think I can eat as much as he can.  My clothes are snug and I just feel unhappy with how I look.  

In an effort to keep my self accountable for everything I do and eat, I am going to add a "Weight and Fitness" tab to the blog.  I will keep you updated on what I eat each day and how much I exercise. 


I am a petite person, only 5'3".  Last year I weighed 108 lbs.

This year I weigh 114 lbs.  It's amazing how an extra 6lbs can make you feel.

Monday, February 6th:

Food for the day: chai tea (TJ's mix with hot water); 2 cuties; fat free cottage cheese and pineapple chunks; romaine salad with garbanzo beans, peanuts, cucumber, carrots, swiss cheese and sundried tomato dressing; and a Healthy Choice chicken primavera. 

Workout: 45 min Spin Class, 17.5 miles

Tuesday, February 7th:

Food for the day:  chai tea; 2 cuties; maple & brown sugar oatmeal; white cheddar rice cakes, wheat thins & laughing cow cheese

Workout:  40 mins. on the eliptical, about 3.1 miles

I am not an expert in healthy diets or work out routines.  My goal is to figure out a balanced/healthy lifestyle that works for me.



Julia@SouthernColor said...

I'll definitely blame the hubs for my weight gain. It's just not fair that he can eat whatever he wants...why can't I do that!

Ashley said...

Elizabeth, I think it's great that you're doing this! I've been trying to psyche myself up for losing weight after I have our 2nd baby ... it's amazing how easy it is to gain weight when your belly is getting bigger with a baby! I'm definitely going to pay attention to your fitness posts :)

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Good luck Ashley! And congrats on your second baby :-)

It's easy to stray from a healthy eating & workout routine. I hope this will help me stay on track with my goal. I'm not concerned with the weight so much, I just want to feel good in my clothes!!

holen said...

oh Elizabeth, you still look great, but I feel your pain. good luck, I hope I can succeed with you. :)

Lucky Zucca said...

Good luck Elizabeth!! I'm sure you can reach whatever weight goal you want! Just remember muscle weighs more than fat. I find that if I schedule my workouts a week in advance, I am less likely to skip them. That has been the biggest help with my consistency. If you ever want a workout buddy, let me know! I run outside or am at the gym almost every day.

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks Holen!

And thanks Carol! Having a more consistant workout routine would help, I kind of just do what I feel like doing and that's not really working. I need to work on my running endurance to keep up with you, but that would be great!

Emily A said...

I blame Mike for my weight gain, and he blames me for his. :) Fat and Happy... Now we have to together work on taking it off. I guess we have too much fun!
Elizabeth, you still look great!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks Emily!! I told Josh we have to start doing more active dates instead eating really good food!

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