Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sierra's Dog Bed

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My sister, Elizabeth, is an amazing sewer - definitely a lot better than me!  She recently made a dog bed for one of our good friend's dog, Sierra. The best part of all: the entire project was FREE!  All of the fabrics were hand-me-downs from our grandmother and from a friend’s grandmother.  
Check out her tutorial: 

Step 1: Select coordinating fabrics

Step 2: Iron fabric

Step 3: Cut fabric to the appropriate shape and size.  I did a rectangle for the bed and a dog bone for the accent.

Step 4: Pipe a contrasting color around the edges of the accent (dog bone). You will need to use a lot of pens to secure the piping.

Step 5: Sew on the piping and the dog bone to the main background.

Step 6:  Use the same fabric as the accent for the ruffles on the side.  Fold the into a long rectangle- about double the length.  Run a loose needle & thread through the top and pull the thread to create a ruffle.

Step 7: Pin the ruffle on the inside of the pillow (inside out).  Sew all the edges leaving a small opening for the batting.
Step 8: Turn the pillow right side out.  Fit the batting to the size of the pillow and then stuff inside.

Step 9: Sew the opening closed. 
Step 10: You have a cute dog bed!

Great job Elizabeth!  It looks like Sierra loves her dog bed!


Ashley said...

Love it! I had no idea you and Elizabeth were learning to sew while we were growing up. I really like the baby blanket you posted about recently, too. How fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Sierra loves her dog bed! Thanks so much Biz :)

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