Monday, February 3, 2014

Build Your Own Jewelry Display Board

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My Mom has been asking me for several months to make her a jewelry board, similar to the one I made last year.  The one I made last year used a framed corkboard and I just added decorative knobs.  This time around I wanted to DIY the entire thing.  Julia and I won an awesome set of Ryobi Power Tools at the Haven Blog Conference last year and I am always looking for a good reason to use them!
Supply List:
All the items on the Supply List can be found at your local home improvement store.  You can usually ask someone to cut down your lumber for you, depending on how busy the store is.


Your cut list is:

(2) 2.5 x 14 inch decorative molding
(2) 2.5 x 22 inch decorative molding
(1) 19 x 27 inch plywood

If you are cutting the lumber yourself, use a circular saw.   All these cuts are straight.  Clamp down you lumber to a steady surface, put on your safety goggles and cut!

Now lay out all the molding and rosette pieces on your plywood.  They should fit perfectly!  If there is a little gap between some of the pieces, do not worry.  We can fill these gaps with wood filler.  And since the whole piece is being painted, no one will ever know ;) 

My molding and rosette pieces were attached to the plywood with Liquid Nails.  I clamped down all the pieces together and allowed them to set for awhile.  I then went back and screwed in screws through the back to make sure all the pieces were secure. 
* SC Tip:  when picking out your plywood, try to get the piece that is the flattest.  A warped piece of wood will be more difficult to work with. *

Once all my pieces were screwed together, I filled any gaps with wood filler.  I allowed this to dry then lightly sanded it to smooth out the area.
The next step was laying out where I wanted the Steel Cup Hooks.  This depends on what necklaces you are hanging - long ones, short ones, chunky ones, etc.  I would recommend getting out some of your larger necklaces to see how they hang and then place the hooks accordingly.  Once you have your placement, screw in the hooks - I did this by hand, it takes a little strength but you want them securely screwed into the plywood.

Next I painted my Jewelry Board in ASCP's French Linen.  My Mom already has another painted piece in her room in this same color.  I painted over the hooks, molding and rosettes - it took about two coats.  You don't have to use ASCP paint, you could use any latex paint from your local home improvement store. 

To highlight the molding and rosettes, I washed them with a metallic paint mixture.  I used Martha Stewart's Textured Metallic paint in silver and gold.  I like how the metallic paint glams up this piece!

Once the paint was dry I screwed in the hanging hardware.  Follow the instructions of the back.  You'll want something pretty sturdy depending on how much jewelry you have to hang.

This jewelry display board was a Christmas gift for my Mom and I think she loves it!  It fits a ton of necklaces and it's a great way to see everything you have.

How do you display & organize your jewelry?

Thanks for stopping by today and reading our tutorial :)

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