Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Painted Wood Signs & Gifts

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A few weeks ago we posted this picture on Pinterest of our wood signs being sold at a local Christmas gift mart.  We had no clue it would be pinned over 400 times ~ thanks for the love!  So we figured it was finally time to share with y'all how we made all of these signs :)
All these signs were fairly easy to make.  We bought a long piece of lumber from our home improvement store and cut it down to size. 
The wood signs measure about 12 inches wide 7 inches tall.
But you could use any extra lumber you have laying around.
 Cut the wood to size and sand all the sharp edges.  Drill your holes for the twine hanger.  You'll need to know how you want your sign hung, landscape or portrait.
Start painting!  We used both spray paint and latex paint.  Some of the signs were distressed like the knock off PEACE sign we did and some had chevron stripes added to them using Frogtape.

Once the background paint has completely dried you can add your wording.  We did a variety of holiday quotes in several different types of font.  Some of the quotes were stenciled on and some we're added using vinyl.  We found the vinyl worked best for a crisp/clean edge.
Once all the quotes had been added to the boards, we applied a coat of polyurethane to the signs.  This will help protect them against the weather.  We always recommend that our outdoor door hangers be hung on something with an awning, a patio, etc.  They are handmade items, so the rain/snow/sleet can damage them.

We then hung all the signs with twine. 
We looped the twine two times for extra support.
And there you go, holiday painted wood signs!
We loved how they all turned out and luckily we sold all of them at the Christmas mart!
We also made these cut photo ornaments.  We used the same process to paint and hang them.  Then hot glued on a clothespin and a burlap bow.  They were simple to create, but we love how they look!

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