Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Throw a Successful Pinterest Party

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Pinterest is one of the best things to ever happen!! 

For lie!

I can still remember the days pre-Pinterest when I would print out tutorials I found on the internet that I wanted to try one day.  I had paper everywhere - it was absolutely ridiculous!

I love being able to pin tons of different projects and recipes that I might never have time to actually attempt.  

Since so many of our friends are the same way as us and have these grand ideas to pin a project and hopefully do it one day we decided to start hosting Pinterest Parties.

The concept is pretty simple.  You pick a craft from Pinterest then meet up with your friends and actually do it!  I know, crazy idea!  Who ever thought we would find time to complete one of the projects we pinned :)

 We've hosted several Pinterest parties and have definitely figured out some pointers so we thought we'd share those with you today!

1. Pick a Host

We rotate who the host is and it has worked out pretty well.  The host is responsible for picking a date and time and providing food during the party.  Our first party was during the week after work one night.  It was a lot of fun but over time we have learned that it's a lot easier to have the party on Saturday around lunchtime.   This way you have more time to work on your craft and don't have to worry about time.


2. Pick a Craft

We suggest picking one craft for the party. In the past we have done several crafts and that can get overwhelming.  It's nice to have one craft to focus on.  It gives you more time to work on it and make it look awesome. 

3. Assign Tasks

Crafting can be expensive so we like to split the cost of supplies with everyone.  You can do this two ways.  Have one person pick up all of the supplies and then everyone reimburses them.  Or each person can bring some of the supplies.  We do the latter - not sure why but it seems to work for us!  We just email a list of all of the supplies needed and people sign up for what they want to bring.

4. Prep

 So far, every Pinterest party we have had has required some kind of prep work.  Whether its cutting stencils or burlap, sewing wine bags, or screwing wood together.  It's nice to get these things done ahead of time so you have more time to focus on the craft the day of.  Usually the person that thought of the craft does this part since they know what needs to be done.

5.  Craft

It's finally time to craft!! We invite about 6-8 people to our craft parties all with varying levels of craft skills.  Everyone always seems to have a great time and leaves with a craft they love!  Plus it's fun to see all of the different versions of one craft! 

Have you ever hosted a Pinterest Party?  What are you tips?


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