Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Create a Gallery Wall | Ikea Ribba Frames

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Our client for the Guestroom Makeover wanted us to use her decorative plates in the room.  We thought the perfect way to display them would be with a Gallery Wall!   The idea for this space is to mix in vintage toile plates with modern framed black & white photos. 

We chose the Ikea Ribba frames for the gallery wall because of their modern lines and white mattes.  They compliment the vintage plates perfectly.  If we were to use traditional frames for the gallery wall it would date the space.  And since we already have a lot of traditional pieces in the room we wanted to give this wall a more updated look.

Ikea Ribba frames are very cost effective.  The largest frame which fits an 8x10 picture costs $10.  They don't come with the best hanging hardware so we do suggest that you add sawtooth hangers to the back of each frame.

We choose option three for the gallery wall so that we could display as many of the client's decorative plates as possible.  We love the mix of modern picture frames with traditional plates.
What we used:
(3) Ribba frame, fits 5x7 photo
(1) Ribba frame, fits 3 5x7 photos
(1) Ribba frame, fits 8x10 photo
(1) Ribba frame, fits 4x6 photo


The client is going to fill the picture frames with black and white photos of her children and grandchildren.  This is a great way to display a large number of family it helps when your grandchildren are adorable :)

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Thursday October 17th:

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