Monday, July 22, 2013

Stock the Bar Shower Gift & GA Peach Cocktail Recipe

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Themed showers are such a fun idea!  It helps me narrow down the gift idea & personalize to the couple's style.  A friend of the BF's had a "Stock the Bar" shower this past weekend.  Unfortunately the shower was held in Nashville a week after we had just been there for a wedding, so we were unable to make it.  But the happy couple was nice enough to let us stay with them for the wedding, so we dropped off their Stock the Bar gift a week early. 

Chalkboard labels are all the rage right now!  They're great when hosting a party because they allow you to label everything.  For the Stock the Bar shower, I thought it would be cute to give the couple a personalized beverage dispenser with a chalkboard label. 

Silhouette to the rescue!  I used three types of vinyl: chalkboard vinyl, dark turquoise vinyl and lime green vinyl, plus the adhesive transfer paper.  First I printed out the large dark turquoise shape.  Then I over-layed the couple's last name and a small square of the chalkboard vinyl.

I layed out everything on top of each before sticking the vinyl to the beverage dispenser.  I highly recommend using transfer paper when sticking on individual letters for a name or large pieces of vinyl that are difficult to manage.  There was no exact science used in getting the label level, I just eye-balled it.  Use a plastic card to smoothe out any air bubbles, then slowly peel off the transfer paper.
Once you are happy with your label, it's time to fill the beverage dispenser!
I filled the container with ingredients to make a GA Peach Cocktail, a plush toy for the couple's dog, and raffia to fill in the gaps.

The cocktail includes: bourbon, champagne/prosecco, peach schnapps, limes, & peaches. You can download the drink recipe here.
Style the container to your liking.  I hung a cocktail recipe card from the taller bottle, plus a piece of chalk so they can use the chalkboard label.

And there you have it!  A Stock the Bar shower gift personalized for the couple.
We chose to do the GA Peach cocktail because we're from GA and the couple lives in Nashville.  You could easily change this to the couple's favorite cocktail or a cocktail that represents where you live.

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Unknown said...

Please tell me you guys are going to be making that cocktail at Haven...I'll be more than happy to drink it... :)

SouthernColor said...

Haha...that's a good idea! Maybe we'll have an after party in our room! said...

This is a really cute idea! Including the recipe and ingredients is fabulous!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks Jenna! Let us know if you give the cocktail a try, cheers! said...

Wow this looks so yummy for summer! I can't wait to pick up some peaches from the farmer's market and try this out!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

If you don't have champagne on hand, you can always substitute soda water. This will make it refreshing and not as strong ;) Thanks for stopping by!

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