Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Silhouette Cameo Tutorial: Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Today is Lilly's 4th birthday! 

She wanted something fun to wear on her birthday, so I made her another bandanna.  But this time I used the Silhouette Cameo to add on Heat Transfer Vinyl!
Julia and I bought our Silhouette back in December, we have loved crafting with it.  Overall it's a pretty simple product to use.  Like anything new, the first time you do something is a learning experience.
To start, open up your Silhouette program on your computer, the first thing you do should be to adjust the page size to your vinyl.  The HTV came in 9 x 36 inches.  So adjust the width to 9 inches wide.
Now go into your library and add any shapes or fonts you want to use.
Now create your design. 
Keep in mind the size of what you are ironing the HTV on.

Tips: you can ungroup shapes and letters by right-clicking the image and selecting ungroup.
Wording for HTV always needs to be flipped horizontally.

I always like to crowd my words and shapes together - this saves you vinyl.  Once the words/shapes are printed, you can cut them apart to space them out.
Now it's time to cut.  Always check your cut settings and even do a "test" cut first.  For the HTV I selected "Heat Transfer Vinyl" with a blade of 9. 
I recommend placing your HTV on your sticky cutting board (clear backing on the bottom). 
Then feeding it into the Silhouette. Now cut!
Peel back the extra vinyl, leaving just your words & shapes in place.
This is when I realized I messed up the first time!!  Remember, you have to flip your wording horizontally for HTV!
I went back and flipped all the wording and printed again.  If you are new to Silhouette, I recommend always purchasing more vinyl than you think you'll need.  I mess up and waste vinyl or cardstock on almost every other project - like I said, it's a learning experience ;)
Once you have peeled back the extra vinyl and have layed out your vinyl it's time to iron it on the fabric.  ** Keep the colored vinyl attached to the clear backing **
Lay the vinyl on top of your fabric (clear backing on top), lay of dishtowel on top of the HTV, and iron.   Your iron should be on it's hottest setting with no steam (always read the HTV instructions first). 
Apply pressure to the iron.  The instructions say it takes about 1 minute of heat.  However, I probably spent at least 6 minutes applying heat.  It might have to do with my iron and how hot it gets, I'm not sure.  Just apply heat for a minute of two, then check the HTV.  Lightly pull back the clear backing, if the HTV is not sticking to the fabric then you need to iron longer. 
**Make sure you have a dishtowel on top of the HTV, otherwise you will melt it!**

Peel back all the clear backing and you have a cute Birthday bandanna for your furry friend!

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