Monday, April 1, 2013

Kyma: Buckhead Restaurant Week

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Happy Monday! How was your Easter?
I took a few days off from work to spend time with my aunt and uncle who are in town from upstate NY.  It was so great spending quality time with them.  The weather in Atlanta was absolutely gorgeous this weekend so we spent a ton of time outside: going for walks, planting fresh flowers, just hanging out on the patio :)  Yesterday we were at my parents house for Easter lunch.  We had some delicious food: potato salad, ham & turkey, deviled eggs, green bean casserole, quinoa salad, pretzel salad and delicious pound cake & berries for dessert!

Speaking of food, how about a restaurant review today?!

A few weeks ago Julia and I (and two of our close friends) dined at Kyma during Buckhead Restaurant Week.   Every few months Atlanta highlights a different neighborhood for Restaurant Week, this is a great opportunity to try out new to you restaurants.  The participating restaurants off era prix-fixe meal at a set price.  This allows you to taste what they are good at!  Kyma is a Greek restaurant part of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group.

Kyma is pretty fancy with white table cloths and a contemporary bar area.  To start we had the zucchini and feta cheese fritter.  It was crunchy on the outside and cheesy on the inside.  I could have eaten an entire basket of these! 

Next, we had Santorini Greek Salad: cucumbers, tomato, capers and dill.  The salad was refreshing, but honestly, it tasted like something I could make at home.

Next up was the Quinoa Salad: quinoa with pine nuts and herbs.  It was a good side dish, but because they brought everything separately we had nothing to eat it with.

The Calamari Pasta was the most unique dish of the night.  I'm used to eating calamari when it's fried, this dish served it like pasta.  In strips that had been boiled.  Mixed in were capers, tomato and mint.

Now for the main dish, fish!  We had Lavraki and Turbot.  Both were white flaky fish served with capers and kale.  The Turbot was my favorite of the two.

Let's save the best for last, dessert!
We each were given a sampler platter that included: orange sponge cake, rice pudding, and baklava. There was a lot of honey and pistachios included in the desserts.  The perfect amount of sweetness to finish out a meal.

Overall, the expereince was fun!  For $35/each we were given a ton of food.  All the dishes (except for dessert) were served family style.  What I learned about Greek food is they use a lot of capers, mint & herbs, and fresh ingredients. 
Next time you hear of Restaurant Week in Atlanta, you should really try out a restaurant!

This is what you are greeted with when you walk into the restaurant, a bunch of fresh fish on ice!  Julia said the lobster was "waving" at her!! 

Have you participated in a Restuarant Week?


Lisa said...

I love restaurant week! I tried Mosaic for the first time during Buckhead's restaurant week a few weeks ago - their brunch was decent but I *loved* their patio and $5 mimosas ;) I went to Kyma a while back and enjoyed it as well.

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

You can't beat Mosiac's patio! They're White Bloody Mary's are also pretty tasty!

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