Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guestroom Makeover: Checkerboard Side Table

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If you haven't noticed we love painting furniture!  We love turning someone else's trash into a gorgeous piece of furniture!  Usually we find furniture from the thrift store but several months ago we got a side table right out of the trash...literally.  Elizabeth found an awesome side table and lamp at the dumpster.  As soon as she texted me about them I told her to grab them!  I was so excited... I love free stuff!  Well, the lamp turned out to be brand new (tags on and everything) and the black side table was pretty much perfect except for some damage on the top (nothing a little TLC couldn't fix).

 Here's a picture of the table before and after.  It turned out amazing!!
 The first thing we did was repair the damage to the top of the table.  Just use wood filler or dry wall compound to fill in the hole then sand it down once its dry.  The next thing we did was prime the entire table.  The table is made out of particle board so we wanted to make sure the paint would adhere and a good primer is your answer.  After the primer was dry we painted the table a cream color - it need 2 coats to cover up the original black color.

For the checkerboard we used our Silhouette.  Cut the shape out on vinyl and then adhere it to your table.  Our checkerboard is inset so I drew some lines on the table to show me where to put the checkerboard.

 Once the vinyl checkerboard pattern is on use painters tape to tape of the edges.  Then paint the checkerboard in a contrasting color.  We didn't want the checkerboard to be too prominent so we use white and cream white for the table.  If you want to use a darker color I suggest painting the checkerboard in the same color as the table first and then painting the darker color.  This will prevent the darker color from bleeding into the lighter color.

Since we used two light colors for the checkerboard it wasn't very noticeable.   So we painted a border around it in the same color we used for the cornice boards.
We wanted to give the table a more distress look so we sanded the edges of the table and then wiped a dark brown glaze over it.  The great thing about glazes is that you can make them whatever color you want.  I just bought a quart of clear glaze and added dark brown paint to it.  When I want a darker glaze I add more brown paint to it or even black paint.  I added black paint to the glaze for the sofa table makeover I did a couple of months ago.  Once the glaze is dry cover the table in a poly to protect it.

For the checkerboard pieces we used old wine corks.  Just cut them in half or thirds depending on how tall you want them. I used a regular kitchen knife to cut them.  Then paint the tops of them black and red.  You'll need 8 black pieces and 8 red pieces.  I used an extra cork to paint the tops.  Just dip the extra cork in paint and then dot it on you cork checkerboard piece.  The paint doesn't cover the piece entirely but I like that look.

Now you have a fun game table to add to your room!  I think the table turned out great and it looks great in the sitting area of the guestroom.  It's amazing to think that this table came from the trash!

Are you a dumpster diver?

Update: Our checkerboard side table has been featured on Roadkill Rescue!! We are super excited and feel so honor to be on Beckie's blog!  Check it out!

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Lauren Patrick said...

That's amazing!!! Great work ladies!

Lisa said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!
Floating Along

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks!! It's amazing what paint can do :)

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

We're pretty happy with how it turned out! And it looks great in the Guestroom Makeover :)

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