Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guestroom Makeover: The Paint Color

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Morning everyone!

This past weekend Julia and I worked really hard painting the Guestroom.  This included trim, crown molding, windows, doors, closet doors, walls and ceiling.  It was a lot, but we got it done!!

We went with Olympic Paint from Lowe's, flat paint with primer.  The old walls were a dark gray/brown color, so we needed good paint that would cover them.  This one room took 1 gallon of white trim paint, 1 gallon of ceiling paint and 2 gallons of wall paint.  The walls just soaked up the light blue!

It's difficult to see the color through these pictures (it probably wasn't a good idea to use our iPhone and not a real camera).  But doesn't the room look so fresh and relaxing?!

Please note the gorgeous crown molding, it really pops against the blue walls and ceiling.

This week the owner had hardwood floors installed, don't they look awesome!  Julia and I are so excited to get to work this weekend.  We'll be working on art work, painted furniture, cornice boards, and more!  Next week the bed will be delivered and then we'll just be arranging furniture. 

What type of paint do you use?
Do you prefer dark/rich colors? Or light/airy colors?

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